Broomloan Nursery School

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Enrolment Procedures


Broomloan Nursery is a local Authority provision wich provides education and care for children aged 2-5 years of age. We allocate all places through Glasgow City Council Education Service, Early Years Admission Policy and where possible offer places when available to all children within Glasgow who request a nursery place. 

We aim to allocate provision which is atbest interest of the child. 

We aim to allocate places using a fir and transparent system.

We aim to support families who require additional support.

Children's names will be accepted for the waiting list from 1 year old. 

For registration, the parent/carer will need to bring along the child's Birth Certificate and proof of address.

 The Panel consists of representatives from:

Broomloan Nursery School
Festival Park Day Nursery
Govan Family Learning Centre
Ibrox Nursery Class
St Constantine’s Nursery Class



Glasgow City Council - Early Years