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Working together to support learning

Broomloan Nursery School

Parents/carers as partners

To encourage parents and carers to have an active role in the life of our setting to develop effective partnership working to ensure high quality provision for children.  In line with ‘How good is our early learning and childcare?’ (2016) guidance.         


  • To enhance children’s health and wellbeing by valuing their parent and carers contributions
  • To value the contributions parents/carers make to children’s learning
  • To ensure parents/carers feel welcome and play an active role in the life of the setting
  • To engage in effective partnership working with parents and carers
  • To support parents and carers to understand the role they can play and feel empowered to contribute to decisions.
  • To involve and keep parents and carers up to date with their children’s progress
  • To effectively communicate with parents and carers.


  • Communicate regularly with parents through parent’s evenings, newsletters and regular verbal communication.
  • Effectively use the views of children, parents/carers and families to improve the life and work of the setting.
  • Actively seek the views of parents/carers through questionnaires, self-evaluation and other forms of consultation.
  • Develop good working relationships with parents and involve them in community events such as Macmillan Coffee Morning, Christmas Fayre, Health Week and fun days etc.
  • Work closely with parents/carers to ensure the highest possible standards for all of our children
  • Provide parents/carers with regular and up-to-date information through use of learning journals, discussing children’s progress and achievements.
  • Encourage both children and parents/carers to make valuable contributions to children’s learning journals.
  • Inform parents of learning opportunities and experiences through displays and newsletters.
  • Work closely with parents/carers to match learning experiences and resources effectively to the age, needs and abilities of individual children.  
  • Work effectively with parents/carers and other agencies to ensure best outcomes for children and families.
  • Fully involve children and their parents/carers in decisions about their learning.  
  • parent/carer have regular discussions with their keyworker to review their progress and plan what they will learn next
  • Value parents/carers contributions and knowledge of their child during periods of transition and record these during enrolments and home visits.
  • Provide opportunities for parents/carers to fully engage with their child’s learning at home through home links, travelling teds etc.
  • Home visits are offered to parents/carers to establish positive relationships in an environment which is comfortable for them. 
  • Provide opportunities for parents/carers and children to learn and play together such as stay and play sessions.
  • Provide Triple P workshops to provide support to families.
  • Value and respect parents/carers contributions during periods of transitions and in all aspects of the life of the setting.