Broomloan Nursery School

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Learning Community Information

The New Learning Communities are being seen as an essential element in the implementation of Glasgow City's Children's Services Plan and the multi-agency work that takes place within them must be seen in this context.

The main purpose of the New Learning Community is to increase social inclusion and to raise the attainment of young people. In addition, New Learning Communities within Glasgow will -


  • establish pro-active liaison arrangements from Pre-5 to Secondary


  • ensure appropriate curriculum continuity which takes fully into account the differentiated learning needs of the pupils in attendance at all mainstream provisions


  • collaborate with colleagues in the SEN sector to ensure timetables access as appropriate to pupils in attendance at specialist provision (both integrated units and free-standing units)


  • establish a comprehensive pupil monitoring support system in accordance with Authority policy on Joint Planning Forums and Integrated Support Teams


Broomloan Nursery School is part of the Govan New Learning Community.