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Staff recognise the need to have a coordinated and agreed approach to supporting children with transitions ni their daily life.

Broomloan Nursery aim to establish and maintain positive working relationships with children and families and work together to support a smooth transition;

  • transition from home to nursery,
  • transition from 2-3 room to the 3-5 room
  •  transition around areas of the nursery environment. 
  • transition from nursery to primary school



  • Children are carefully and sensitively supported fully during all transitions to ensure their wellbeing and security.
  • Effective partnership and communication with families is paramount
  • Regular communication and discussions take place with parents throughout the transition process
  • Home visits are embedded in practice to support transition from home.  This includes building relationships with both children and families in their own relaxed environment and completing relevant enrolment paperwork
  • Transitions are handled sensitively and are a positive experience for children and their families
  • All children moving on to school will have a transition report written about their progress.  This will be discussed with their parent/carers and transferred to their school
  • Extra support and partnership work with other agencies will be carried out for children requiring an enhanced transition
  • We encourage collaborative work between our nursery and link schools


Transitions from 2-3 room to the 3-5s:

  • Parents are introduced to their child’s new keyworker
  • Children are introduced to their new keyworker within their secure environment of the 2-3 room.
  • The child’s new keyworker will have regular visits to the 2-3 playroom to interact and develop a relationship with the child.
  • Effective communication and discussions will take place between child’s existing 2-3 room keyworker and new keyworker.
  • 2-3 room keyworker will accompany the child to the 3-5 playroom to meet with their new keyworker to support them in their new environment and to further develop their relationship.
  • There is no time limit on how long this process will take as each child’s transition is an individual journey.
  • As the child becomes more comfortable in their new environment the length of time the child spends in the 3-5 playroom will be extended.
  • When the child is deemed to be able to make the transition to the 3-5 playroom they will first sign in within the 2-3 room.  There keyworker will then take the child to their new keyworker in the 3-5 playroom.  After their first initial day in the 3-5 playroom parents will begin taking their child directly to that room for signing in.