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Supporting Health & Wellbeing

Broomloan Nursery

Health and Well-Being

Good mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing are key factors in enabling children to meet the four capacities.  An awareness of the importance to children of physical activity, healthy food choices, looking after their bodies and forming good relationships in maintaining a healthy body and mind are integral to our promotion of health and wellbeing at Broomloan Nursery School.



  • To promote positive mental health in young children.
  • To encourage children to become aware of their emotions/feelings and the emotions/feelings of others.
  • To raise awareness of children’s rights and the responsibilities that accompany these.
  • To enable children to feel confident, valued, respected and equal in the nursery and in their own community.
  • To encourage and promote children’s awareness of keeping safe, assessing danger for themselves and others within their provision and the local community.
  • To develop children’s awareness of danger and harmful substances and how to keep safe around these.
  • To develop an awareness of the importance of a healthy diet.
  • To encourage children’s participation in a variety of physical activity/play.
  • To promote children’s awareness of the importance of physical activity in maintaining good health.
  • To encourage children to feel secure in approaching a known adult about their worries and emotions.