Broomloan Nursery School

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Meet the Team
Senior Management Team 

Shona Pourvatan 

Head of Nursery 

Christine McMahon 

Deput Head of Nursery

Deborah McNaught 

2-3 Team Leader 

Mandy McClymont 

3-5 Team Leader

2-3 room Child Development Officers

Nasreen Ali (part time)

2-3 room

Paige Clark (part time)

2-3 room

Suzanne Inglis 

2-3 room 

Samantha Milliken (part time)

2-3 room 

Hayley Wright 

2-3 room

3-5 room Child Development Officers 

Theo Chatzipanagiotis

Blue Group 

Dominika Chwedeczko 

Red Group  

Melissa DeMarco 

Purple Group  

Louise Doyle 

Orange Group 

Lily Farren 

White Group 

Salma Ghafoor 

Nurture Practitioner 

Ainslie Leathem (part time)

Purple Group 

Grace Logan 

Green Group 

Gillian McAlister 

Lilac group 


Gemma Kelly (part time)

Pink Group

Katie McFall 

Yellow Group 

Paige McKee

Silver Group  


Tori Mullen

Peach Group 


Laura Tinney (part time)

Pink Group


Ryan Neilson 

Gold Group  


Kaci Alexander

Modern Apprentice 


Support For Learning Workers

Amanda McPhee 

Sadaf Mugal 

Marion Rossi

Clerical Assistants 

Elaine Wallace

Christina Kelly